StackOptions Review

StackOptions Review

StackOptions is a another binary options broker that operates on the Panda Trading platform. They offer an Islamic Account that conforms to Sharia law.

StackOptions Review

Here is what we discovered in our reviewing of the StackOptions binary options broker. Firstly, they operate on the Panda trading platform. This software facilitates the smooth trading of all the popular assets. Commodities like Silver, Currencies like the Euro, Stocks such as Disney and Indexes like the FTSE are just some of the 200 assets available.

Now, as you know, these are just the items that one is given a Binary choice of how you think they will perform. This binary call can me made in various formats. The Panda platform arranges them with the following options. High /Low is the classic style, but there are additional ones as well, which are utilized for different strategies. These include, Range, One Touch and Hyper. This Hyper setting has expiry times options of 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. You can also pick Long term option with an expiration of even 6 months.

Clients of StackOptions are granted access to an educational department. This service provides tutorials and strategies in the form of coaching, video-on-demand, e-books, and online resources. They also have 24/7 customer support.

StackOptions Broker Review
StackOptions Broker Review

Islamic Accounts

StackOptions has a unique feature to offer. That is, an account which conforms to Sharia law, in that there is a “no Riba policy”. Or in other words there is no concern of dealing with interest or swaps. This give Muslims the opportunity to trade binary options without having to compromise their religion.

Warning! If you were introduced to Binary Options through an advertisement about automated trading robots, be aware that these robots are worthless gimmicks.

License and Regulation

The most common problems customers complain about when dealing with Binary Options Brokers is regarding withdrawal procedures. Therefore, my friend, it’s of utmost importance that you review a brokers Terms and Conditions page carefully before you start trading. This will give you clarity of their requirements. Many times, there are strings attached to bonuses that were accepted.

A binary options broker is a financial service provider, as such, most governmental regulators issue special licenses to operate this type of business. For example, this can be the CFTC in the USA, the FSB in South Africa and ASIC in Australia, to name few.

During our review, we did not find a license for StackOptions. Look here at our list of licensed and regulated brokers.

Contact Information

StackOptions lists their phone numbers as: UK: +44 20 3807 1338, and US (773) 634 7538. Email is: [email protected]  and their Website is:

Interestingly, we didn’t see any physical address listed on their site.