Gaming Stock Profit System Review

Gaming Stock Profit System

Gaming Stock Profit System is a new automated trading software, which officially launched in February 2019. The software they are using is identical with other software we have seen recently. The only real difference between them, is the company logo and actors in the video.

The Gaming Profit System’s trading software is integrated with a variety of offshore scam CFD stock brokers, and many of them are new, or they do not have a good reputation.

Warning! You Will Lose Your Money… Only invest your money at a licensed and regulated broker! See Licensed Brokers Here…

Gaming Profit System Review

This “revolutionary” algorithm software Gaming Profit System is not new or unique, and is very likely an investment scam. When we looked at the software options menu that you will be using, we saw right away, that you cannot control the robots profits. All the developers let you do, is turn it On/Off and enter the amount of money to want to lose for each trade.

Here is a direct quote from their website 

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This tells us that Gaming Profit System is nothing more than another “get rich quick” Stock Trading scheme. Look at the screenshot we took of their trading dashboard, and compare it with a real trading robot, see here.

Actual Gaming Profit System
Actual Gaming Profit System

Gaming Stock Profit Software

Another reason why Gaming Stock’s Profit System a true pump and dump stock market scam, is their outrageous claims that you will make money, and it is free. A real EA or Algorithm Robo Advisor, only comes with warnings about your potential losses.

They decided to scam you by saying: “You do not have to know anything about video games to make money with this system. This system shows you how to make fast money from wildly profitable video game stocks.”

Don’t worry, that will never happen!

Compare Popular Stock Brokers

Brokerage fraud promoting investment in Forex, Crypto, Cannabis and now Gaming Shares, has been going on for many years. With this new release, there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. Every government has issues warnings about unlicensed brokers, and there are still victims getting scammed daily.

Interestingly enough, the only brokers who do not get complaints about them are the legal and licensed brokers, see here.

Investing online is risky, and you can lose all your invested capital, and this is when using an ASIC regulated broker. However, if you are using an unlicensed stockbroker, you are almost guaranteed to never see your money again.