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Here is an objective review of the automated trading software called FXMasterBot, officially located at FXMasterBot.com. The software was developed by a team, with a combined experience of over 20 years in the financial markets.

What makes this trading robot different than other scam robots we have seen before, is that investors can connect with a variety of CySEC and ASIC regulated Forex brokers.

FXMasterBot Review

We found it very interesting that FXMasterBot decided to build the software with three levels; Novice, Expert and Master. Compared to other one size fits all trading robots, with this one, it is based on your trading knowledge. They keep it very simple for beginners, and add more features as you go up.

Investors can choose between signals mode, and automated trading mode. When you are in signals mode, you will decide if you want to place a trade. Automated mode, the software will place trades without you doing anything.

Right now the software only works on a maximum of 17 currency pairs. You have the choice of using just one broker, or multiple brokers, look here.

Warning: Automated trading software can go bad, and hit a losing streak which wipes out your trading account. It is important to study and enable risk management features so that you do not lose too much money in one day.

Key Benefits of FXMasterBot:

  • Choice of Licensed Brokers (24Option, iTrader, FPMarkets and EuropeFX)
  • Free Demo Accounts
  • Seventeen Forex Pairs (Minor & Major)
  • Daily Stop Loss / Take Profits
  • Control Daily Trading Volume
FX Master Bot Account Types
FXMasterBot Account Types

Scam Trading Robots

We are constantly emailed by various companies offering “exclusive” trading apps and systems for binary options. The scam with those systems are that you have no control of anything. When you sign up, the only features they give you is an ON/OFF button.

Another problem with the fake robots are that they only work with unlicensed brokers who are really frauds operating in offshore locations with fake addresses.

The good thing about FXMasterBot, is that number one you can select which broker you want to use, and they only are connected with brokers that have a license.

Forex Master Bot Actual Results

Actual results of any auto-trading software will change from one client to the next. Depending on how you configure the trading software, will determine your results. Usually anyone that enable all signals on all assets will eventually lose money. Choosing one trade strategy and one underlying asset (like the $EURUSD) will give you unique results, different than an investors that enabled everything.

You many have seen EA’s and Forex Software for sale that advertise a 90% win rate, but that cannot be true. No matter who you are, in the real world of Forex trading and investing, your goal should be profits of 20% a year, maximum!

The nice part of the software FXMasterBot is that they work with multiple European licensed brokers. You can enable multiple brokers, and you can configure FXMasterBot with different setting at each Forex broker. Minimum deposit at all MasterBot brokers is $250 per account.

Test out the Free Demo at: http://FXMasterBot.com