CorrecTrade Review

We just reviewed the new CorrecTrade binary options signals, that works with broker EZTrader and here is what we found. The CorrecTrade makes trading options very easy for traders with a very basic knowledge of the financial markets.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the trading algorithm is constantly generating new trading signal alerts.

CorrecTrade Review

One of the fun features of the software is that it produces multiple trading alerts. The trade alerts are not only for Currency Pairs and Forex trading, you get alerts for many assets including; Oil, Gold, Stock Market Indices and individual stocks.

The negative aspect of the trading alert are that we do not know what they are based on. But that is now quite common, in which everything is a black box, and we need to rely on whoever invented the programs algorithm.

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CorrecTrade Review Screenshot

Automated Trading Robots

The good thing about CorrecTrade, is that there is no ability to have it automatically trade for you. (Some traders consider this a bad thing).

We will explain to you the problems with auto trading robots.

When using a signal generator like CorrecTrade, you are in control. You open up your charting software, and when you get a trade signal, you analyze if the signal fits your trading strategy, and decide if you should place the trade.

This way, if you do not believe the signal is accurate, you do not do anything, and don’t lose money. With a system running on autopilot, you can very easily wipe out your trading account.

The Real CorrecTrade Results

Trading signals software love to say that they have 90% accuracy, and the best results.

But the truth is; no trading system is perfect. Also, no 2 traders will get the same results even using a system like CorrecTrade. That is because it all come down to when you pull trigger (place the trade).

If you place your order at 12:35 and your friend places an order at 12:38, you will get 2 different results. Especially if you are trading 60 second options.

Using CorrecTrade

Because the software is integrated with the broker EZTrader, all you need to do is click the orange “Trade Now” button and your trade gets sent direct to your EZTrader account.

EZTrader is a European licensed and regulated broker, authorized by CySEC in Cyprus & MiFid.