BFP Markets Review


BFP Markets was an unlicensed broker for Forex and CFD’s that opened in 2017, and is now out of business.

BFP Markets Review

We see from our review of the broker BFP Markets that they are offering traders the ability to trade Forex and Crypto CFD’s using the MetaTrader4 trading software. BFP has a long list of assets to trade. There are over 150 assets in the categories of Currency pairs, including many secondary ones, Indexes, Socks, Commodities, Bond Futures and ETF’s.

We always advise our readers to read a brokers Terms and Conditions page carefully. Being uninformed about the company’s policy is the number one reason for complaints. This is especially true regarding the acceptance of bonuses, read more on the Complaints page.

BFP Markets offer you four account types, but most people go with the smallest one because the minimum deposit requirement is $250.

Warning! If you were introduced to binary options trading through a signals software, just know that most are scams, read this.

BFP FX Broker Account Types

BFP Markets Regulation

The way you know if a broker is a legal company or not depends on if they have a license from a regulatory body like CySEC in the European Union or ASIC in Australia. There are many licensed brokers you can choose from see here.

During our review of BFP Markets, we see that they are not a licensed broker.

BFP FX Trading Platform Review
BFP FX Trading Platform Review

Compare Forex Brokers

With over 200 brokers that offer binary options trading in operation today, it pays to compare what other brokers are offering.

Why not look at these licensed brokers, You’ll probably find one that you are interested in trading with.

Contact Information

BFP Options, BFP FX and BFP Markets are Forex / Crypto Brokers that are owned and operated by a company called: ZIT CONSULT SOLUTIONS s.o.o. Their official address is at: TWARDA, nr 18, lok, miejsc. WARSZAWA, kod 00-105, poczta WARSZAWA, kraj POLSKA.

Their phone number is: United Kingdom: +44 203 769 5692, and the email address is: [email protected] | Website: