1k Daily Profit Software

1k Daily Profit Software

1k Daily Profit is a fake automated trading software, that was originally created back in 2015. Fast forward to 2019, and there are 25 websites all claiming to be the official software.

The software they are using is the same as many robots we have seen recently, and the real difference between them is the man in the video named John Becker. The 1k Daily Profit trading robot is integrated with offshore scam CFD brokers, and many of them do not have a good reputation. Find a Licensed Broker Here…

1k Daily Profit Review

This “revolutionary” algorithm software 1k Daily Profit is not new or unique, and it is a scam. When we look at the control panel that the investor uses, we saw that there is no way to control the outcome. With this software, all you can do is turn it On/Off and enter the amount of money to want to lose at a time.

1KDailyProfit’s video shows all winning trades from 2015, but they force you deposit money before you can see any signals.

Here is a direct quote from their website: 

 “288 People In Australia are waiting for access to the 1K Daily Profit software.”

We managed to signup to their website 5 times with multiple email addresses, and had no problem.

This tells us that 1k Daily Profit is nothing more than another “get rich quick” trading scheme. Look at the screenshot we took of their site and compare it with a real trading robot.

1K Daily Profit Software Login

Why The 1k Daily Profit is a Scam

What makes 1k Daily Profit a total scam, is their outrageous claims that you will make money, and it is free. A real Expert Advisor or Algorithm Trading Robot, only comes with warnings about your potential losses.

They lie in their FAQ’s…

“Our members typically profit a minimum of $1,000 each and every single day. That amounts to about $30,000 a month. And about $365,000 a year.”

The only person making $1,000 a day, is the scammer broker they sent you too.

1K Daily Profit Frequently Asked Questions

Real Forex Brokers

Fraudulent brokers have been operating in the Forex markets since the beginning of time. With the ease of creating a website, there are now hundreds of fake brokers online. The only place to invest online, is with a licensed and regulated broker.

If you think about using an unregulated broker like TradoSpot  or Brighter Trade, go read all the complaints.

Every government financial regulator has issued warnings about unlicensed brokers, yet new investors still think they won’t get scammed. Interestingly enough, the only brokers who do not get complaints about them are the legal licensed brokers, see here.

Trading CFD’s on Forex and Crypto is very risky business, and you can lose all your investing capital. However, if you join an offshore broker, that is a guarantee you’ll never see your money again.